Party Planner Singapore

How soon should we book you?

We will recommend you to book us as soon as you can, as we can’t guarantee your preferred date and timing until you have confirmed your booking with us, and we will send you a confirmation booking email / SMS.

What are the things that we need to provide & how much space is required?

For our magic shows & interactive games session, we will bring our own equipment(sound system,etc). A space will be required for the kids to sit down comfortably during the magic show and move around during our games session. For our side entertainment such as facepainting, glitter tattoo, caricature do provide us a table and chairs for our artist

What time will you recommend to start the entertainment?

If you have select any of our packages which accompanied with a main entertainment (magic show or games) followed by a side entertainment, it is recommended to start the side entertainment first allowing more guests to arrive followed by the main entertainment. We will also recommend you to start the entertainment at 30 minutes after your party time, (e.g. 11am (party time) 11.30am(entertainment time) – to allow more guests to arrive at the party.

Is there a limit to number of guests?

There is no limit to the number of guests, but do take note that for the side entertainment we are not able to cater to more than 25 kids in an hour (depending your choice of side entertainment)

Do you have live animals for your magic show?

At the moment, we do not have any live animals for our magic show.

Will you choose the birthday child to be your volunteer during the magic show?

Yes, definitely we will!

What will be the recommended age for magic show?

For children age 4 and above, we will recommend the magic show.  Our magic shows are highly interactive and keeping the children engaged, enjoyed and most importantly have fun!

Which side entertainment will you recommend?

  • Balloon sculpting has been very popular among kids of all ages, not only every child gets a balloon as a souvenir. They can get to choose their favorite design and colors too. For a mixture of boys and girls party, balloon sculpting is the best choice!
  • Face painting will be great choice as well if you like your kids to transform into their favorite cartoon characters through facepainting.
  • Glitter tattoo is getting popular these days as well, it is waterproof and kids can jump into the pool and the tattoo will still be there! They can be removed with little bit of rubbing and it’s gone ! Our glitter tattoo comes with wide variety of design and colours to choose from too.
  • Caricature will a great additional to your party where guests will get to bring back a unique caricature of themselves! (Caricature are usually done on A4 or A5 papers)