Magic Show for Kids

magic show for kids

Magic Shows have long been popular among children in Singapore. With that in mind, our entertaining magic shows are designed will keep children and adults engaged and entertained at all times.

Why Us?

At E Magical Moment, we promise nothing but the most entertaining and captivating magic shows in Singapore for our valuable audiences.
Our whimsical, magical performances are filled with vibrant music and witty interaction designed to engage the audiences throughout the magic show. The birthday child will work alongside the Magician, making them the star of the show!

All our kid’s magicians are professionals with years of experience, and they pride themselves on creating incredible magical shows in Singapore for audiences of all ages.

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Kids Magic Show

Why E Magical Moment?

We are a team of experienced entertainers who are ready to amaze everyone with spectacular performances. Our magic shows have been meticulously designed to ensure audiences remain entertained and have a blast in the process!

Our amazing performances are accompanied by fun and laughter, giving them a wonderful experience of magic.

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Live Kids Magic Show

$300 / 30 minutes

  • Recommended for children ages four and above
  • Approximately 30 minutes of showtime
  • Includes hosting of cake cutting ceremony!
  • Adhere to the latest safe management measures

Planning for a kid's party?

Check out our value for money packages from $280

Roving Magic

$300 / 60 minutes

  • Highly recommended for small parties such as housewarmings, CNY gatherings, etc.
  • Highly recommended for small events such as weddings, etc.
  • Fun & interactive for all ages.
  • Adhere to the latest safe management measures

Roving Magic is a form of a magic performance happening up close with the audience, walking around, and usually spontaneously. It is interactive and engaging as the audience will experience the magic right before their eyes. The magician will move from table to table to perform up-close magic to keep the guests entertained during the cocktail hour.

Our magician will move around and show magic tricks to your guests up close. We are giving you a chance to witness the magic closely happening right in front of you. It is perfectly tailored to suit any event and would give everyone a good magic experience up close.

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Singapore Magician

Wish to do a virtual party?

Here we have developed a virtual magic show suitable for home parties, corporate and community events. Our virtual magic show will be no different compared to our live performance, where our participants get to enjoy a magic show in the comfort of their homes.

Our virtual magic show will be catered towards highly engaging content allowing participants to be significantly involved in the magic show virtually.

Virtual Magic Show

$300 / 30 minutes

  • Recommended for children ages four and above
  • Includes hosting of cake cutting ceremony!


  • We will provide a zoom invitation link for the virtual online session.
  • Participants are advised to download the Zoom Application via their desktop or mobile devices.

Virtual Magic Workshop + Magic Show (large group)

$500 / Up to 100 pax

  • Suitable for large group participants such as family-bonding day & corporate events.
  • Participants will learn cool magic tricks with the help of items that can be found daily.
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Magic Workshop Programme

  • 75 minutes of the virtual online magic workshop
  • 15 minutes of fun and entertaining magic show

What do you need to prepare?

  • Participants will have to prepare a list of items that can be found easily in the household such as straws, rubber bands, etc.

Here are some tricks the participants will learn:

  • Disappearing coin trick
  • Appearing straws
  • Levitating cup
  • Antigravity pen
  • More than 10 tricks will be taught to the participants