Games Hosting

Our team of experienced games host is here ready to entertain your guests!

The kind of games depends on the venue space which allows us to play games that move around, audience size and age group is also the deciding factor for our experienced entertainers to select the best games for all kind of events.

Our games are highly interactive and easy to win, that way, the children will definitely want more.

Popular games like the musical statue, simon says, passing the parcel are a must in all parties!

games hosting

Pricing & Information

$200 / 30 minutes

5 Reasons why you should book us!

  • Highly interactive for kids’ parties and events
  • Mini prizes will be provided
  • Sound system and party music will be provided during the games session
  • Cake cutting hosting will be provided (for kids’ party only)
  • Recommended for children of age 4 and above
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How many games will there be?

In a standard 30 minutes games session, we will play about 3 – 5 games as depending on the audience size, we really love to get everyone to get involved.

How do we go about booking the games session?

It is easy to book us, you can submit a booking form by clicking the button (enquiry/book now)

Are there any prizes included?

Yes, we will provide mini prizes for everyone who participated in the games session.

Planning for a kid's party?

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