Kids Painting Activity

Kids Painting Activity

Unleash your child’s creativity with our kids painting activity, painting can allow kids to communicate their feelings through the use of different colors. Painting gives the children a chance to express themselves through the use of colors.

Start off by choosing your favourite design (cartoons) you like to paint on, and uses our colored paints and brush to start coloring. There will be a friendly facilitator there to assist you with creating your masterpiece.

Available for birthday parties, community events such as block parties, corporate events, carnival and even restaurants event. Most importantly, you can bring back your master art work home.

Do take note of the following for booking of painting service:

  • We will require table & chairs for the activity (size of table depends on the number of pax)
  • A facilitator will be there to assist in the activity
  • Disposable table cloth will be provided
  • 30 sets of templates and 15 sets of color painting with brush will be provided / per hour session

Prices & Packages

  • $140 / 1st hour
  • $100 / subsequent hour
kids painting
kids painting
kids painting