Close up Magic


Roving Magic is a form of a magic performance happening up close with the audience, walking around, and usually takes place spontaneously. It is both interactive and engaging as the audience will get to experience the magic right before their eyes. The magician will move from table to table to perform up-close magic to keep the guests entertained during the cocktail hour.

Our Magician will move around and show magic tricks to your guests, up close. Gives you a chance to witness the magic closely happening right in front of you. The magician will dress himself up and move around the area to entertain your guests. It is perfectly tailored to suit any event and would give everyone a good experience of magic up close.

Highly recommended for anything from dinner and dance, weddings, and even kid’s parties.

Roving Magic

$300 / 60 minutes

  • Highly recommended for small parties such as housewarmings, CNY gatherings, etc.
  • Highly recommended for small events such as weddings, etc.
  • Fun & interactive for all ages.
  • Adhere to the latest safe management measures
Close up magician Singapore