Caricature Singapore Service

Caricature has slowly becoming a popular activities not just for the kids party, but as well as corporate events such as annual dinner and dance, wedding and community events. It makes a perfect gift for your party or events, each caricature masterpiece is unique and personalized.

How It Works?

  • Our friendly artist will bring along his tools and paper
  • Slowly our caricaturist will magically turn you into a cartoon by sketching a cartoon version of you
  • You can bring the drawing home as a souvenir
  • Popular entertainment for parties, events & corporate private function
  • It will take about 3 minutes for our friendly caricature artist to do up a sketch

3 Reasons why you should book us!

  1. Suitable for any events and parties
  2. Adults can join in the queue to get their cartoon
  3. Great souvenir for your guests

Prices & Packages

  • $150 / 1st hour
  • $120 / subsequent hour


  • How many drawings can be done within an hour?
    About 15 – 18 drawings.
  • If we like to customized (such as superheroes characters) the drawing is it possible?
    Yes, it is possible with additional costs. Do drop us a contact form for further discussion.
  • How do we go about booking the caricature entertainment?
    It is easy to book us, you can submit a booking form by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.
Caricature Singapore