party decoration

We like to share with you, the most popular party themes in 2019!
As we all know, kids love birthday celebration especially with their favorite theme and cartoon characters.


Kids love unicorn because of how cute and magical they are. There are lots of ideas for unicorn theme parties, from decoration to cupcakes.

2. Safari Theme

Kids love outdoor especially a trip to the Zoo along with the animals. How about bringing the animals to their party by having safari themed party. Giving them a chance to have fun with their favorite animals.

3. Robocar Poli

Robocar poli, a children animated television series that is very popular these days! Transform your child’s birthday party into robocar poli!

4. Cars

party decoration

Kids love cars! With our the popular car cartoon series, it will definitely give them a ‘head-start’ for their party.

5. Paw Patrol

Paw patrol is popular animated television series with a group of rescued dogs, so save the day with Paw patrol at your kids party!

Above are some of the popular themes in 2019!
Let us know what is your favorite party themes!

(Above photos are birthday party decoration put up by E Magical Moment)