Magic Workshop


What is Magic?

Magic is an enchanted form of art that excites both children and adults.
Many have always wondered what is the secrets of magic?

And over here at E Magical Moment, we are delighted to share with you, the secrets of magic by offering a full line of interesting workshops for children and adults, for all sorts of events.

How do we develop our workshops?

Our workshops are specially developed over the years through our journey in learning the art of magic and balloon sculpting. Over the years, we have been requested to teach the art of magic and balloon for school, private, and community events. With that experience, we start to develop a curriculum that makes the workshops a fun and learning experience for all age groups.

What can you learn from this workshop?

Learning some easy magic tricks helps to build up confidence as well as public speaking skills. In our magic workshop, participants will get to experience a fun way to understand magic through science applications and other amazing ways.

Over the years, we have conducted numerous magic workshops for public schools, private organizations for team-building, and community events.

What will you bring home?

 Each participant will receive a set of material kits to bring back home which includes the specially made magic props too! And of course the secrets of magic.

Magic workshop
Magic workshop for school

What can the participants learn from the magic workshop?

  • Acquiring the skills to perform magic
  • Knowing the real secrets of magic
  • Understanding the application of the science involved in magic
  • Build on self-confidence

Magic Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to the 3 rules to become a magician
  • Introduction to the various type of magic
  • Basic skills and technique
  • Step by step on performing a magic trick with the prop provided
  • Hands-on session on each magic trick
  • Resources on where to get magic books on advanced magic course
magic workshop
virtual magic show

Magic Workshop (Physical Class)

$400 NETT / 10 pax

  • A minimum of 10 pax to start a class, additional pax will be $40
  • We will recommend a maximum of 20 pax for each session,
    (if you have a large group size, we will allocate an additional trainer)
  • Each participant will receive a set of magic props
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Magic Workshop Programme

  • 90 minutes of the magic workshop
  • Each participant will receive a set of magic props
    (Recommend to book us in advance, allowing participants to receive materials on time)
  • Recommended for children ages 6 and above

Here are some tricks the participants will learn

  • Appearing flower
  • Disappearing coin trick
  • Levitation of a small object
  • Appearing magic wand
  • More than 10 tricks will be taught to the participants

Trainer profile:

  • Edwin is a full-time children’s party magician in Singapore, he has taught more than 1000 workshops over the course of his career to communities, schools, private parties, and corporate companies
  • Edwin is currently a PA trainer with the People’s Association
  • Edwin has been featured on Nickelodeon Television Channel (Worldwide Cable Channel for Kids)
    (Facebook Video)
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