Do you struggle to find a way to host a birthday party for your kids on a budget? Fear not! This blog will show you some kids birthday party ideas on how to throw a memorable and affordable kids’ birthday party on a budget.


Budgeting is the most important step before you start throwing in ideas for your kid’s party. It is always better to spend within the budget because you want your kid’s party to be fun, not stressful. If you feel that giving a grand birthday party will make them happy, go ahead and give it all out! But if not, try thinking of ways to save some money and still have a fantastic time with our friends and family. The most important thing here is that we should enjoy ourselves and the other people attending.

Children activities

kids birthday ideas
kids birthday ideas

Kids will often run around at kid’s parties with their friends. Why not set up a place for them to have fun. Some of the activities are kids tattoos, colouring & building lego are very popular among children. All you need to do is to set up tables and chairs, and kids will know it is an activity corner. It helps you save up a significant portion to engage a professional kids activities.

Party packs 

We all love party packs, don’t we?

Many children find that receiving a party package at a party is the most exciting part of the experience. They can find many party favours in the mystery bag.

Save a lot of money by making your party bags. There are many items and themed bags at the ($2 shop). You can also get party favours at your local supermarket or value shop for a very reasonable price compared to buying a party pack. 

Party decoration

kids birthday party ideas
kids birthday party ideas

This is where the party’s highlight, regardless of whether it’s a large party or a small one. You must decorate your party area with a specific theme or with the same colours as the rest. However, getting a party planner can be costly to decorate the room, primarily if your party is held in a small space.

A great place to look for DIY decoration items is spotlight and Daiso. Plaza Singapura has both Spotlight and Daiso. Please do your research before you visit their store because it can be overwhelming to see many items in the stores. The online spotlight catalogue is a great resource. Start by deciding a party theme, a cartoon character, colours, and plan along!

You don’t have to spend too much money on decorations! You can get creative with things you already own around the house like balloons, streamers of different colours & cute little trinkets/gadgets! 


Send your guests a free electronic invitation via text messages or group chat messages instead of sending paper invitations. It can be time-saving and more fun for your guests.

Don’t forget to have food available for your little ones! Have different types of foods, including healthy snacks, veggies, fruit & nuts, all in one place, so it’s easy to grab some healthy eats without having to get up from their seat! Don’t want kids running around with food? Serve them through dinner style plates or paper cups instead. 

Now it’s your turn to make your child’s day special with these kids party ideas