5 Great tips to throw a kids birthday party on a budget

kids birthday party

5 Great tips to throw a kids birthday party on a budget

Throwing a kids birthday party can be tough! But how about having one without breaking the bank? It’s even tougher, don’t worry we got you covered! Below we are going to share with you some budget tips with these amazing birthday party ideas.

  1. Budgeting

    Budgeting is the most important steps before you start throwing in ideas for your kids party. You have to set a budget for the party, whether if it’s a grand party or a small party, it is important to set a budget. We know we always want to give our kids the best party ever, but it is important to spend within the budget. Small parties can be magnificent too, you just need to work out the right thing.

  2. Children activities

    Sand Art Activities

    Often at a kids party, kids will be running around with their playmates. Why not set-up an area for them to enjoy activities, activities such as kids tattoo, coloring book are great hit for children. All you need is to prepare some tables and chairs for kids to have some great fun activities.

  3. Party packs


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    We all love party packs, don’t we?
    Many times, receiving a party pack at a party is the most exciting thing for the children as they can find lots of party favors in that mystery bag.
    You can save a lot by D-I-Y your own party packs, there are many themed bags and items available at Daiso ($2 shop) and you can get party favors at the local supermarket or even the value shop at a reasonable price.

  4. D-I-Y party decoration

    This is the highlight of a party, whether you are planning for grand party or just a mini one. It is important to decorate the party area following with a theme in mind or sticking to color themes (like pink, blue,etc)
    Often, with a few clicks on the internet you should be able to find great decoration ideas but getting the material isn’t easy as well, a great place to shop for DIY decoration items would be spotlight and Daiso. You can easily find Daiso & Spotlight right over at Plaza Singapura. Don’t forget to do some research online before heading to their store, you can always check out spotlight online catalog before heading there. Check out their various party theme from princess to your favorite characters!

  5. DIGITAL INVITESInstead of sending paper invitation, send your guests a free electronic invitation via text messages or group chat message.

And now, it’s time to make your child’s special day with these amazing kids birthday party ideas!

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