Balloon Sculpting Workshop

E Magical Moment offers a full line of interesting workshop for children and adults for all sorts of event. All our trainers are experienced individuals who are willing to share their knowledge with you. Our workshops are specially developed over the years for the participants to ensure a fun and learning experience for both the adults and the younger children.

Balloon sculpting workshop
Balloon sculpting workshop Singapore
Balloon sculpting workshop

Why Us?

In our balloon workshop, you are able to experience fun and excitement by learning how to turn a long balloon into shapes of dog, sword, bears and more. Our balloon workshop can be fit for school enrichment courses, corporate events and even home parties as well, turn your party into a highly-interactive session where participants get to learn something and bring back their masterpiece. Over the years, we have conducted our balloon sculpting workshop to public schools, private organisations for team-building, community areas and more.

Each participant will receive a set of high quality balloon and pump for them to bring back after the workshop.

E Magical Moment has conducted numerous classes in various places such as the community clubs, private organizations, public schools, and more. For more information contact us today!