Balloon Sculpting

balloon sculpting

Looking for a fun and memorable entertainment option for your child’s next party?

Look no further than our balloon sculpting service!

Balloon sculpting has taken the party scene by storm, captivating children and adults alike with its magical ability to transform long balloons into an array of shapes and sizes.

Our friendly balloon artists are experts at their craft, skilled in creating a wide range of designs, including dogs, bears, flowers, hearts, and even your child’s favorite cartoon characters. And the best part? Each guest gets to take home their very own balloon sculpture as a beautiful souvenir of the day!

While balloon sculpting is no easy task, our experienced sculptors are up to the challenge. They can handle any request with ease, using their skills to create stunning masterpieces that will leave your guests in awe. And not only are they talented balloon twisters, but they are also skilled entertainers, engaging guests with fun activities and getting them involved in the creative process by helping them choose their favorite colors and designs.

At E Magical Moment, we take great pride in our friendly and professional balloon sculpting artists. They will bring a touch of magic and wonder to your child’s party, leaving everyone with unforgettable memories.

So why wait?

Book our balloon sculpting service today and give your child a party they’ll never forget!

Pricing & Information

$150 / 1st hour - $130 / subsequent hour

3 Reasons why you should book us!

  • Balloons are great souvenirs for the kids to bring home after the party
  • Our balloon artists are friendly & skillful (We know at least 20 different designs)
  • Kids get to choose their favorite colors too

On average, our balloon artist can sculpt about 20 – 25 balloons in an hour (mixed design)

Planning for a kid's party?

Check out our value for money packages from $280


How many balloons can the children request within an hour?

Depending on the number of children at the party, we can sculpt about 20-25 balloons in an hour’s duration.
The birthday child will get the priority to request a special balloon from our balloon artist.

What are the balloon designs available to choose from?

We offer a variety of designs that are sure to impress and delight both children and adults alike. Our range includes everything from fun balloon animals and cartoon characters to transport vehicles, and even princesses!

How do we go about booking the balloon sculpting entertainment?

It is easy to book us, and you can submit a booking form by clicking the button above.

Balloon Sculpting

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