Balloon Sculpting

Why Balloon Sculpting?

Balloon Sculpting has been very popular these days among kids’ parties as a side entertainment. Kids are able to experience how our friendly balloon artists magically transform a long balloon, into different shapes and sizes such as dogs, bears, flowers, heart, or even their favorite cartoon characters and other customized sculptures that they request for.

It is a wonderful souvenir to be given for all your guests to bring home too! Balloons are commonly said to be a child’s best friend.

Why Us?

Balloon sculpting is no easy task, as balloon sculptures may easily pop in the process. Our balloon sculptors are not just good in twisting balloons, but they are able to entertain guests as well by engaging with them by getting them to choose their favorite colors and design. All our balloon sculpting artists are friendly and skillful entertainers who pride themselves on creating beautiful balloon masterpieces for you and your guests.


3 Reasons why you should book us!

  1. Balloons are a great souvenirs for the kids to bring home after the party
  2. Our balloon artists are friendly & skillful
  3. Kids get to choose your favorite colors too

Prices & Packages

  • $140 / 1st hour
  • $100 / subsequent hour


  • How many balloons can the children request within an hour?
    Depending on the number of children in the party, we are able to sculpt about 25 balloons in an hour duration.
    Definitely, the birthday child will get the priority to request for a special balloon from our balloon artist.
  • What are the balloon designs available to choose from?
    We have various designs available ranging from balloon animals, cartoon characters, transports vehicle, weapons, all the way to princess and more! We will give the birthday child priority first with her favorite cartoon balloons. Depending on the number of kids party, we will try our best to fulfill everyone’s request within an hour.
  • How do we go about booking the balloon sculpting entertainment?
    It is easy to book us, you can submit a booking form by clicking the button above.
balloon sculpting
balloon sculpture
balloon sculpture
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Balloon sculpting
Balloon Sculpting Singapore